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Landscaping design in Texas

More than a decade of building experiences in the gardens

I’ve worked in landscaping and design for over ten years, working with many top companies in Austin and the Texas area. Due to our experience and quality execution, we’ve recently stepped up our landscaping projects to expand to west Texas cities, such as San Antonio, Dallas, Houston, Fort Worth, Waco, and so on. 

Of course, we can’t do this without our specialized team, which also has vast knowledge about plants, resistant materials, gardening, design and construction of pergolas, decks, outdoor kitchens, and all kinds of landscaping projects. This website showcases some of our recent landscape work and projects that our team has achieved

Thank you for taking an interest in MJ Landscapes and Construction; we can help you if you’re looking for landscape design, installation, or garden maintenance. Let’s talk and get your free consultation and proposals.

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Marcos Jimenez

CEO MJ Landscape and Construction LLC

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Landscaping design in Texas

We are MJ Landscaping and Construction

Our professional team has over 80 combined years of experience in landscaping design, garden construction, and maintenance. They excel in each outdoor design project because of their perfect execution.

Our team knows to create the perfect landscape; they need to meet each client’s space to help them to develop the right approach. You can request the consultation for free and let us understand how you want your landscaping project. Then, we create the design based on context, which in turn helps us determine the proper materials with the best budget. As you approve the design, we then schedule your project timing.

At MJ Landscape and Construction LLC, we create beautiful outdoor spaces and design them so that they’re easy to keep and maintain. Check out our team and let them help you with your next landscape construction or landscape design project.

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CEO / Owner

Marcos Jimenez

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Abigail Garcia

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Crew Leader

Fernando Clara

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Crew Leader

Mario Jimenez

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