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Residential Services

We know how important moments are to share with family and friends. Therefore, we design and create bespoke outdoor spaces that bring people together. Our work goes from tree trimming, lawn and garden maintenance to landscaping design, irrigation systems, pergolas, and deck design and installation. We optimize and enhance outdoor spaces with custom design, resistant drought materials, and lighting solutions. Our expert team always merges outdoor trends and materials functionality.

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Commercial/HOA Services

We have huge experience creating unique outdoor spaces in Austin designed to highlight and add value to commercial offices, industrial areas, corporate buildings, HOA, and others. All of our custom landscaping and hardscaping services consider function, equipment, comfort & aesthetics because we know how important the first impression is. Our services include fencing, welding, lighting, concrete, stonework, and hardwood pergola. All of them bring your company to a natural and sophisticated place.

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MJ is a family-owned landscaping company specializing in commercial and residential garden design, construction, and maintenance. MJ has been in Austin and surrounding cities for more than ten years, and its team is an expert at transforming outdoor spaces into fully functional living places for entertainment and business.

Let’s build something incredible together.

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MJ Landscape plant leafs illustration 1920x562 1

Landscaping and construction services in Texas

To create custom landscaping or bespoke garden service, we meet with each client to help them develop the right approach. We start by understanding your wishes and knowing your property to create the patio layout and choose the proper materials according to the weather, area, and goal.

We know how to make a special place and surprise you when you open your doors. We create beautiful outdoor spaces and design them so that they’re easy to keep and maintain. Check out our landscaping services and outdoor projects, and let us help you with your next landscape construction or Landscape design work.

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Our expertise goes from installing straightforward basic sprinkler irrigation systems that water smaller areas, or we can design and install larger fully landscaped irrigation systems for fully developed landscaped yards with microclimates. Our irrigation systems are all custom designed. No two yards are alike.

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Composite and Custom
Wood Decking

We create concrete and stone patios, driveways, sidewalks, or walkways and provide any type of stonework for your home or garden. Our masonry and decorative skills are perfect for bringing you elegance and resistance in your outdoor space.

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Fencing and

We know your privacy and security are essential for residential and commercial spaces. That’s why we put great thought not only into how we can make your brand-new fence or gate increasingly safe and secure but also beautiful and unique for each outdoor space.

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Lightning Installation

Landscape lighting is crucial because it helps with home security and personal safety. Also, one of the main benefits of landscape lighting is showcasing your home and/or business. We’ll provide you with professional outdoor lighting, properly installed, so that you can enjoy your landscape in a whole new light year-round.

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Outdoor Kitchens

We know that you want to get people together, and the outdoor kitchen is one of the best ways to get it. With our experience with commercial and residential landscaping designs, we can offer you the design and installation of grills, refrigerators, and storage to turn your garden into a functional living outdoor space.

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Professional Tree

Our expert team provides comprehensive tree trimming, pruning, and removal services. We know that removing a tree can be a dangerous task, and leaving a hazardous tree unchecked could be even riskier. We strive to give you the highest level of customer service and agility, no matter what kind of tree services you need. Whether for safety, decorating, grooming, clearing, trimming, or removing, we’re here to help.

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Concrete and

We create concrete and stone patios, driveways, sidewalks, or walkways and provide any type of stonework for your home or garden. Our masonry and decorative skills are perfect for bringing elegance and resistance to your outdoor space.

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Hardwood and Metal

We know you’re looking to unwind or want shade for your yard. Hardwood or metal pergolas turn any patio or deck into a unique outdoor space. The best thing about these types of pergolas is that we can design them by mixing and matching different colors and materials.

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